Thursday, February 20, 2020

Welcome Back!

The "welcome back" is for me, because I have been missing in action on this blog for almost a month, or is it longer??? I've been busy though, learning and processing new info, new products, new training, new team members, etc. There have been many changes in all those areas over the past few weeks, and I'm still trying to keep up! It's "all good" as they say, and perhaps I can get back into the swing of blogging again now. I'm thinking I need to update here regularly, to maybe keep my blog from ending up in the hands of scammers who are using the "Contact Me" form to send me messages in foreign languages. What's up with that?!?!?!?! They are Russian or Arabic, or who knows what. I just delete them and carry on with my life.

Since I'm here now, let me focus on one big change with Avon that is only temporary, and that is the opportunity to begin your business at NO cost until the end of March, 2020. This option is great for anyone who wants to open an account to sell online only or just for personal use, because it does not come with brochures or a kit of any kind. There are two other ways to open an account: 1) Make a donation of $5 to $25 to the AMC, and 2) Pay $30 to purchase a kit of products and brochures. Go here to get all the details, and ask me any questions that you have using the Contact Me form in a legitimate way if you like. 

We've added 6 new Cloud Climbers to our team since this limited time opportunity began, and there is always room for more! 

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