Friday, October 2, 2020

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaigns 19 and 20, 2020


I can't find the Newsletter for Campaign 18 that I thought I had done, so I'm just going to skip over that campaign and include C19 and C20 in this one. With the FHU Associates Fall Market on September 19 I was a planner, a vendor, and the coordinator for the vendors - all of which I do every year - and with my added duties for my parents and various other activities I just fell behind on getting these reports to you and I apologize for that.

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 19

 1. Sandra Moore HS   $1,174
 2. Margo Prytz PC   $481
 3. Linda Wardell    $377
 4. Jean Drouillard   $377
 5. Stephanie Goode   $224
 6. Cynthia Blake    $221
 7. Leslie Clendenon PC   $199
 8. Rene Parker PC   $188
 9. Carolyn King   $171
10. Ashleigh Downey   $165

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 20

​ 1. Sandra Moore HS   $983
 2. Leslie Clendenon PC   $519
 3. Hattie Bush   $418
 4. Margo Prytz PC   $395
 5. Cynthia Blake   $389
 6. Phyllis Smith Pr   $194
 7. Linda Wardell   $192
 8. Julie Cathey   $175
 9. Betty Kenner   $134
10. Amy Layne Pr  $129

RecognitionCongratulations to Jean Drouillard who received a Variable Cash Award in the Pathway to Premier program based on her sales as a new Representative!

We have added a few new Representatives to our team: 
  • Julie Cathey of Kingston Springs, TN, 
  • Betty Kenner of Dunlap, TN (a recruit of Leslie Clendenon),
  • Jennifer Adamson of Lynn, AL, (recruited by Judith Lea), and 
  • Rachel Hausman of Haltom City, TX, (a recruit of Arnella Hanna who is on Margo Prytz's team). 
Celebrating Birthdays in September are:
  • Rachel Hausman (9/7)
  • Brittney Monti (9/9)
  • Cynthia Blake (9/11)
  • Nancy Panty (9/11)
  • Kimberly Thompson (9/13)
  • Sandra Moore (9/14)
  • Cheryl Parker (9/23)
  • LaDonna Henderson (9/24)
  • Linda Wardell (9/24)
  • Kasey Naves (9/25)
  • Sharon Tibbs (9/30)
  • Alicia Alvarado (9/30)
Congratulations to these Cloud Climbers who are celebrating Avon Anniversaries this month:
  • Verona Boyd, 7 years on 9/1
  • Carolyn King, 6 years on 9/4
  • Sharon Tibbs, 36 years on 9/6!!
  • Kelli Violet, 9 years on 9/12
  • LaDonna Henderson, 1 year on 9/23
Hot Tip: In a Facebook sales group I am a part of our Admin was recently speaking of the frustration she felt when she wanted to shop with someone but could not easily find a link to do so. PLEASE be sure to put your business link in your "About" section on FB and either a link to your business page or to the product you want to promote every time you do a post about your business. With everyone having a busy schedule these days, the easier you make it for your customers to shop with you the more likely they are to do so! 

I hope that you are preparing for holiday shopping by ordering extra brochures with your C21 or C22 orders, because C23 is the campaign when we begin to sell Christmas items and you want to be sure that ALL your customers and potential customers receive a brochure. Take advantage of the training Avon provides as you have time and put the tips you learn into use. 

Good night, and God bless!

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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