Thursday, October 1, 2020

I've Got a Little Catching Up to Do!


It has been a minute since I have written a blog post or even cut and pasted a customer reminder or newsletter, so I thought I might write something a little more personal to bring you up to date on my activities with my business and life. Of course, since it is 2020, life has changed a bit for every one of us and for some more than others.

Just before this whole Covid-19 Pandemic began in earnest, my 92 year old father fell and broke his right arm in two places on February 19. The worst of the breaks was his wrist and that required surgery that necessitated him being under anesthesia. At his age, and with some dementia already beginning, the anesthesia was something we did not want but could not avoid due to the second break in his upper arm preventing the anesthesiologist from being able to do a sufficient block. We expected that his mind would deteriorate further and it did. My father was still driving the day of his fall, but the keys were taken away from him at that point and now I am the principle person taking care of my parents' needs and getting them where they need to go. Naturally, with the Pandemic, taking them places is basically just taking them to doctors' appointments, but I also get their groceries, handle their bills, my husband and I have been doing the yard work, etc. My sister and her husband and son are our backup and go to for most of the "fix-it" items that need doing.

It is a blessing that my business can be worked around the trips to Huntsville that I now make two or three times a week (my parents live in north Huntsville), and I don't hesitate to take on customers in Huntsville like I used to do since I'll be there anyway. Another blessing that happened when Covid-19 hit is that many people began shopping online and I picked up quite a number of customers who order for direct shipment from Avon through my online store. I'm always delighted to see those orders! Due to my presence on social media, my having listings on Google and Bing, my level of sales and long career with Avon, and who knows for what other reasons in this day of technology, I am often the first name that pops up when someone does a search for an Avon Representative in my area. In fact, sometimes I am being recommended for people far from my area. When I get calls from people who want personal delivery but who live outside my delivery area, I always take the time to find an Avon Representative for them myself rather than sending them back to the web to search on their own. 

When my husband retired last year our funds were in pretty good shape. In fact, they were in better shape than we expected. He has now begun to draw Social Security, which has helped even more. Since it is now the case that my Avon earnings are not required for "extras" or for basic needs as they were in the early days of my business, I have begun to be a bit more of a philanthropist with my Avon earnings. My chosen area of service has become the work of the church in foreign countries and I have been able to assist in feeding the hungry both physically and spiritually in several countries. Most of my work is currently being done in the Philippines and in African nations and I work directly with preachers of the gospel in these places so that I know exactly where my money is going and how it is being used. I love hearing the reports, seeing the pictures of the work, and knowing that I am able to help in a small way to further the spread of the kingdom of God. My hope and prayer is that I will be able to continue to use my Avon earnings in this way for the remainder of the time I am with Avon. 

If you have hopes and dreams that you would like to pursue but don't have the funds to invest in that way, perhaps an Avon business is something you should consider. Since I have been in the business for 33 years, I have the experience to be able to help you and I know the people to point you toward following on social media if you want to go above and beyond my goals. Ask me anything and I will answer, because I keep no secrets about the Avon business! 

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