Saturday, January 16, 2021

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaign 2, 2021

This is the newsletter I write for my team each campaign. Right now the team is 60 members strong with one more pending her first order. If you would like to become a Cloud Climber, you can do so at no cost by clicking this link: Avon | Make Beauty Your Business | Sell Avon (  I'll be your mentor and we will work together toward perking up your new year with a new business!


It's a beautiful day and I'm happy to have work to do and the good health to do it! I hope that you are doing well and keeping good spirits even if some of those around you are not. Or perhaps you are blessed to be surrounded by folks who keep you motivated and encouraged. Keep those folks close and socially distance yourself from the others so the energy vampires don't bring you down. 🙂 Every morning that I wake up with work to do it is a good day, and since I have work to do every day, every day is a good day. I hope that you feel the same way. 

Most of us have fallen off just a bit in sales for this campaign, but I hope things will pick up with the next one. I'm trying to do more consistent posts on Facebook and maybe I will eventually get back to adding to Instagram, to try to keep my social media presence out there. I'm going back to doing more FB Live videos on my business page to get viewers, because FB still favors Live video content over posts, and I know that customers like to see them just like I like to see them when Reps of other companies do them. I'm still gaining a customer or two every campaign from people who find me online, so I know the social media is working for me. My most recent way to reach out is by joining a Buy Nothing FB group that a customer told me about. I can't use the group to promote my business, but when I put things out on my porch for pickup, I have brochures hanging in the plastic bags for anyone who stops by my porch to pick up. I put whatever is being picked up on the rocker on the front porch and the brochures are hanging from the top of the rocker. I had my first pickup since doing that this week and I noticed that she did take one of the brochures! 

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 2

  1. Sandra Moore HS   $725
  2. Margo Prytz PC   $524
  3. Linda Wardell Pr   $351
  4. Leslie Clendenon PC   $234
  5. Steffanie Erdelt   $173
  6. Michele Cox   $132
  7. Carolyn King   $114
  8. Rosanna Cassidy   $102
  9. Brittney Monti   $80
 10. Amy Layne   $74

My goal as a Gold Ambassador is to have $4,000 in team sales each campaign and, as you can guess from the numbers above, we did not make that goal. Ouch! I'm feeling confident that we'll be back on track for C3 because we are at 96% with only $398 left to hit the $4K. If you haven't gotten your order in yet, please don't miss the deadline of Tuesday, 4:00 p.m. CST!! You need to get brochures if nothing else. 

Happy January Birthday to:
  • Yvonne Lassiter, 1/15
  • Barbara Stansky, 1/17
  • Jean Droulliard, 1/13
  • Susan Watkins, 1/25
Congratulations to these Cloud Climbers who are celebrating Avon Anniversaries this month, and a special congratulations to Hattie for her 41 years of service to her customers!
  • Donna Langford, 4 years on 1/9
  • Hattie Bush, 41 years on 1/11
  • Leslie Clendenon, 3 years on 1/13
  • Patsy Cloud, 20 years on 1/13
  • Barbara Stansky, 2 years on 1/15
  • Kelly Fuller, 4 years on 1/21
We have one new team member to welcome this campaign: Ashley Terry of Trinity, AL, is Ashleigh Downey's first recruit. Welcome to Avon, Ashley! And congratulations to Ashleigh for beginning her team!

Please let me know if there is anything you need from me. I'll be getting the Customer Reminder for Campaign 3 out to you before the weekend is over. 

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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