Monday, March 8, 2021

Avon Customer Reminder for Campaign 7, 2021 - Farm Rx has Arrived!


The big news this campaign is Farm Rx and I have been passing out samples to those who received brochures this campaign. Unfortunately, I ran out of them before I finished the brochures, so some of you haven't yet received any. I will have many more coming with this order so let me know if you want some. 

I'll be turning in my Campaign 7 order this coming Monday night. Here are a few new products and good deals, plus three products for men (pg. 128) that have returned to the brochure:
  • Pg. 11, NEW Farm Rx has arrived! The Farm Rx Trial Kit is a fantastic

    way to try all four products being introduced for only $14.99. Please read about the products on pgs. 5-9 to see if these natural based products are right for your skin care needs.
  • Pg. 27, NEW VDL Lumilayer Rosy Perfect Primer ($34) gives your skin a velvety smooth and radiant complexion. It moisturizes, blurs pores, corrects skin tone, locks down and extends the wear of base makeup, and is infused with skin-caring damask rose water, rose enfleurage oil, and lady's mantle. 
  • Pg. 38, Tattoo Station Proof Brow Pencil ($7), comes in 7 shades that should match any brow from Blonde to Gray. Fill in the brow with the pencil and use the spoolie on the other end to groom the brows just the way you want them. Remember, brows frame the face, so don't neglect them!
  • Pg. 42, Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser ($11) is a 10 fl. oz. tube of cleanser that will amaze you by the size of the tube (you probably will not need to replace it for at least 6 months!) and by the way it brightens your skin due to the Niacinamide included in the formula.
  • Pg. 75, NEW Re:Tune Inner Beauty Hunger Block ($25) and Re:Tune Inner Beauty Metabolism Boost ($26) will help you stay on track if weight loss is one of your goals for 2021.
  • Pg. 90, MagiX Dust Finishing Powder ($13.99) has a blend of micro-milled rose quartz, ruby, and tourmaline plus antioxidant green tea extract to enhance and smooth skin. Available in Translucent Fair-Light and Translucent Medium-Deep.
  • Pg. 102, Beyond Color Lip Conditioner ($6.99). Is wearing a mask drying your lips out? This lip conditioner has been a best seller for many years and is especially a favorite with those who don't care for lipstick but want to keep their lips looking soft and pretty. 
  • Pg. 113, Lyrd Bouquet de Freesia ($29) is the latest fragrance to join the Lyrd line-up. There's a scent spot on the page so you can experience this fresh & clean floral fragrance.
  • Pg. 128, It's back! Black Suede Aftershave Conditioner ($3.99) and Black Suede Hair & Body Wash ($3.99) and Wild Country Hair and Body Wash ($3.99). I'm sure the men in our lives will be delighted!!
  • Pg. 133, NEW Spring Butterfly Watch ($26.99), is a beauty in pink. 
  • Pg. 149, NEW Sterling Silver CZ Vine Ring ($34.99) is a softly feminine ring with a tiny CZ accent in the rose and is available in sizes 5-10. 
  • Pg. 182, Bonus Sizes of SSS Shower Gel and Lotion are $12.99 each. Please take note that pumps are not currently available for these (even though they are shown in the pictures because the brochure was printed before the shortage happened), so save the one from your current bottle to use with your new bottle! 
  • Pg. 227, NEW Elastine Restore & Detox Dry Shampoo ($16). There are some shortages happening with some of these formulas, so please be patient as we wait on these to come in. Get your order in early to get on the Wait List!
Thanks so much for continuing to allow me to service your Avon needs.

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