Monday, May 3, 2021

Customer Reminder for Campaign 11 - Featuring the Clinical Line & a Freebie!


I'll be turning in my Campaign 11 order after 8:00 p.m. Monday. Here is the link to the brochure if you did not receive one or have misplaced yours: Online Brochure by Avon. You can also view all the other flyers available at that link. If you choose to do so, you can place your order online as you view the brochure, click on Checkout (being sure NOT to add a brochure to your order), and then choose the option that shows delivery by your Representative. When you do that, the order comes into my cart and I place it with my regularly scheduled order just as if you had given it to me in any other way. I will, of course, always bring you a new brochure when I deliver your order.

Here are some of the best buys I spotted in the Campaign 11 brochure:
  • Pgs.4-11, FREE Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System with any Anew Clinical purchase. There is one Clinical product that is less than the $21.99 cost of Eye Lift, so you could purchase that one and still get the more expensive Eye Lift System at no cost. Do you know which product it is? 🙂 (Update: Avon has currently switched the free product to Clinical Line Eraser due to a temporary sell out of Eye Life Pro.) 
  • Pg. 15, fmg Caress Me Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette ($28) has six luxurious creamy powder talc-free shades that blend beautifully for a natural finish that lasts. Also available is the fmg Caress Me Cashmere Multi Palette ($28) blush and highlighter infused with precious argan oil and including its own applicator brush to sculpt cheekbones and face.
  • Pg. 21, JUMBO sizes of Anew Ultimate Day & Night or Anew Platinum Day & Night in a 2-piece boxed set for only $56!!
  • Pg. 36, Flat Velvet Lipstick fills lips effortlessly and does not need a lip liner due to its square tip shape and powdery, velvet matte finish. It contains soothing calendula oil, comes in nine shades, and sells for $10.
  • Pg. 43, NEW Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser ($12.99), for daily use and gentle exfoliation to remove impurities and help skin feel soft and look fresh and radiant.
  • Pg. 67, JUMBO Size Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum ($31.99), a bargain price for those who love this skin brightening serum with the power of 10% pure Vitamin C. Can be used in the a.m. and/or p.m.
  • Pg. 110, Scented Shampoos ($10.99 each) for those who love Rare Pearls, Far Away, or Haiku. 
  • Pgs. 198-201, Reach & Listerine flossing products are now available from Avon! One more thing you won't have to search for at the drugstore. There are several products to choose from, starting at $1.99. 
Have a great first week of may! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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